Distributed Ledger Technologies


You want to strengthen the DeFiChain network?

Every technically and non-technically savvy person through this project is
able to set up a DefiNode at home
and run it on a Raspberry Pi.

This allows you to be an active part of the Defichain network,
to promote decentralization and to
increase the overall security of the network.

Sound on

Your vote and your investment counts.

Some interested people do not have the time to deal with setting up their own MasterNode.
The community project mydeficha.in provides convenient access to the DeFiChain. 

By running your own Masternode
you have the right to own a vote,
how the chain develops and which community projects receive a share of the community fund, you decide. 

For more information about the Masternode hosting service from Andy and Bernd, click here.

Invest in crypto without barriers with CakeDefi

Happy ba(n)king on CakeDefi

Invest your cryptocurrencies and
while letting them generate cash flow for you.

Cake is the first fully transparent platform that abstracts the complexity of the underlying interplay of SmartContracts for your ease of use and generates cash flow for you.

Using this link, you will receive with the initial investment of $50,
an extra $30 to send to work for you right away.

course material

Before assigning assets to an asset class, it is important to understand how the asset class works.
and be aware of the connections between cause and effect in the market. In the crypto world, this is referred to as tokenomics.

The structure and transparency of DeFiChain lends itself to educate yourself about the economics and structure of the system and creating your own long-term plan or integrating this asset class into an existing strategy to achieve a higher level of diversification.

The link will take you to structured course material describing how the numbers behind the price development are related and how the methods of liquidity mining, staking and lending work. 

You are a pentester looking for a new challenge?

Vertiefe deine Blockchainkenntnisse mit dem DeFiChain Code
and receive rewards in the form of USD or DFI.