Gabriel Kunzer

As an engineer, I am thrilled by a passion in adding value to people through technology.
As we all know, all the opportunities and possibilities that come with new technolgies being set into the world also implicate threats and risks that need to be recognized and adressed early on in the design phase.

By means of dialog solutions, concrete concepts are developed and implemented according to the requirements of the customer.

As an evolving activity and private hobby, I deepened my knowledge in the field of cryptography using blockchain technology and the distributed ledger, which in many ways will change our current and future lives. Research activities and travels to specialized events established a strong partnership with the company Obelisk Auditing.

In case you have questions on technical details regarding the handling and protection of your infrastructure or digital assets, or if you would like to perform a smart contract audit, take the opportunity to contact us via the contact form or the communication channel of your choice with a description of your requirement.