Your companies safety counts

Protect your crown jewels and those of your partners and customers. 

You would like to invest more in cybersecurity measures and defensive mechanisms? This now works even easier with the digitization support packages from
KMU.Digital Cybersecurity

Security Analysis

Security is not a set and forget methodology 
Continuous monitoring of communication channels is a must for a high security standard.


Only data that can be worked with regardless of geographic location and that can be retrieved at any time is valuable for your uninterrupted business operations.


ist ein weiterer wichtiger Wettbewerbsfaktor. Der Schutz ihres geistigen Eigentums und Ihrer Betriebsdaten muss den höchsten Sicherheitsstandards entsprechen.

Security strategies for your company

Depending on your requirements, industry and company size, we tailor your service package.

Security Architecture

Perimeter, Cloud, PaaS oder SaaS,
we support you in the implementation of your Zero Trust Model.


Clear assignment of responsibilities in cross functional teams.

Project Management

We structure your project plan.


a secure deployment process reduces the time to market and gives you the necessary visibility during your software release process.

shift left

Fewer bugs and legitimate packages at release time through CI/CD integration.

Safety through early detection of anomalies

Is your company secure?

Red Teaming is carried out in cooperation with our business partners and in the course of the cooperation concrete actionable steps and measures from the findings of the penetration test to increase the security level of your company are discussed with your team.

wholistic securityanalytics

Legal guidelines and compliance standards require concrete adjustments to your business model.

We support you in the elaboration and definition of your company processes and security relevant OKR's.

We listen carefully, understand and deliver quality.

"As an engineer, I am excited about data and technical details. 

Security is important and a fast as well as smoothly configurable solution is gold. 

With Bitdefender, I support a solution that is effective and easy to use, yet it allows me to dive deep into systems, collect security-related data, and make detailed configuration decisions.

My customers need a security solution that is resource-efficient, easy to handle and effective in its security protection, these are exactly the values I can deliver through the partnership with Bitdefender.

Standing on the shoulders of giants to see further ahead.

Only with a collective correlated intelligence of many systems it is possible to counter distributed attacks and with the right partners, malicious tactics techniques and procedures can be detected early and unwanted unauthorized interventions can be prevented.

Are your employees able to see malicious intrusion attempts at the earliest stage possible?

A watchful eye and an examination of the crucial characteristics of daily business communication have already intervened some malicious actors and thus prevented monetary damage as well as loss of reputation.

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